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Our illumination concepts incorporate the potential advantages of LED systems, especially for internal areas, such as offices, production halls, showrooms and meeting rooms which are all too often overlooked when it comes to lighting. Maintenance or the ongoing replacement of bulbs is not required for more than a decade. You save yourself the risk of mercury vapours as well as the disposal and purchase of fluorescent tubes or energy-saving bulbs.
The appropriate selection of LEDs can be used to achieve an optimum spectral distribution of light. At the same time, fatigue can be reduced when high colour representations are needed. In large spaces, our flexible lighting system enables optimum quality of lighting to be achieved at every location. Our new mounting system is easy to install and adaptation for new lighting requirements is frequently possible without installer. A wide variety of LED modules, with varying lighting performances or reflection angles, may be incorporated directly.

We will optimise your workplace with new LED lighting.

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Interior light
Interior light