Interior design

Day and
Night design

Illuminated devices can be used to implement your optical product appreciation requirements. Use electronic options to create effects. In doing so, form and colour know no bounds. Sensors can be used to implement automatic activation and deactivation. Freely choose the combination of different materials such as film, plastic or aluminium along with the required electronics. For the automotive sector, products for doors, consoles, holders (drinks, navigation...), dashboards, gear levers, foot wells and rood are available in various formats.

Exterior design

Logo unlit
Logo illuminated
Decal unlit
Decal illuminated

In order to individualise and provide optical appreciation of products and vehicles of all kinds, we employ our many years of experience in the creation of design products and the design of lighting system to develop illuminated elements in accordance with your needs. To do this, we make use of the benefits afforded by LED lighting and offer implementation from a single source. It is possible to manufacture products in our facilities using a variety of materials, such as film, plastic or aluminium plus the required electronics. We guarantee the option for long-term use outdoors.