Nano-Fusion® paint protection films

Paint Protection Film
Nano-Fusion® Lackschutzfolie

This trademark-protected polyurethane film is coated with a Nano-Particle ®-Cover, which safe guards the vehicle supperiorly from scratching and before staining, over the whole lifetime of the vehicle.

Masking film for tires and surfaces

Masking Film
masking film for tires and surfaces

Metallic, chrome, aluminum and painted plastic components on a vehicle (eg door handles, mirror housings and rims) can be easily scratched or damaged during vehicle assembly and delivery. Protect these high sensitive parts with an ultra-strong and deductable film until they are delivered to the customer.

Cuts and scales

Cut Part
Cuts and Scales

Individual punching that protects your components from dirt, scratches, dust and damage. The self-adhesive punching parts can also be used temporarily. As required, with or without imprint.

Sound and vibration protection

Sound and Vibration Protection

Use these adhesive tapes in order to reduce noises such as buzzing, squeaking and clattering, as well as to reduce other noises or vibrations in automobiles. Typically, these products are used between the instrument panels, on the dashboard, as well as in and on the headlights and doors.

All Advantages at a Glance:

  • Glue resistant to chemical softeners
  • Very durable medium and therefore very abrasion-proof
  • Low surface energy reduces friction
  • Flame-resistant finishes available
  • Low gas emissions
  • Excellent initial adhesion