Mirror heating

Mirror heating

Modified foam pads offer a clear view in case of moisture and low temperatures thanks to imprinted heating elements.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Each element is checked individually according to OEM specifications
  • Usage of an adhesive with permanent bonding
  • Slot filling due to a substrate
  • Excellent durability against solvents, chemicals, moisture, temperatures and UV rays

Foam and rubber applications

Foam and rubber application

Self-adhesive EPDM,SBR,NBR PVC, PE, felt and rubber sealing. They serve as sealing, vibration control, heat isolation and packaging.


All Advantages at a Glance:

  • Comprehensive offerings of high-quality bands for lamination on foam or rubber
  • Permanent and temporary glue
  • Minimal emissions
  • Resistant against moisture, water-resistant
  • Resistant against chemical solvents

Montage and fastening

Montage and fastening
Montage and Fastening

Fixation systems with fastening materials and self-adhesive re-sealable solutions.

Diverse Range of Products:

  • Fastening elements
  • Sealing system with self-locking – with and without self-adhesive fastening parts
  • Closure with scroll distance regulators available - with and without self-adhesive parts
  • Brackets and straps for re-sealable products

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