Decorative trim and lettering

Decorative Trim and Lettering

Take advantage of the various possibilities to upgrade your product and give your products a special touch.

Decorative trims and lettering can also be used to give your product added value beyond the automobile industry. Thanks to attractive prints and effects via special printing and coating processes, we can accommodate your aesthetic demands.

Emblems and logos

Emblems and Logos

Make your product distinctive with a design element developed exclusively for you. Present your logo and/or your brand name. Use the advantages of the various materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, plastic or film. Various coatings and/or lighting give emblems and logos a new value.We guarantee long-term durability on various undergrounds and incorporate your product’s requirements.

Décor films and cover

Décor Films and Cover

Décors made of different materials are especially suitable for exterior decorations. We deliver the form, format and the color that you wish. The materials are very high quality and highest requirements. Use the opportunity to develop creativity. We guarantee best durability.

Decorative architecture

House panel grey
House panel brown
Color assortment

Our house panels offer you the possibility to visually design your house according to your taste and your ideas. Choose from a multitude of design variants.

Additionally, you protect your house from external environmental influences and help prevent weathering and outside damages. Our panels are made out of plastic and are weatherproof, heat insulating and sound absorbing.  They are stable and easy to clean.

They are primarily used outdoors, but can also be used indoors as well.

For our high-end products, we guarantee a durability of 15 years. 

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