Olympic Holding BV - Netherlands

By acquiring the start-up company Olympic Holding BV in the Netherlands, the CCL Group is creating further opportunities in the supply and manufacture of acrylic materials, which are used in the automotive, electronics and construction industries ... more information

Zephyr - Asia

To further expand of the labeling division CCL Industries bought the company Zephry in Asia ... more Information

Worldmark – international manufacturer

CCL Industries acquires Worldmark with 15 sites globally and therefore extends its customer sector for CCL DESIGN ... more information

The Wölco group of companies

The Wölco group with their sites in Europe, Asia and North America belongs to the division CCL DESIGN and allows for an extension of the market presence for innovative labelling solutions ... more information

Fritz Brunnhöfer Gmbh

CCL Industries acquires the company Fritz Brunnhöfer GmbH to expand the labelling product group of the division CCL DESIGN ... more information